Some more of Chris' cars!

Chris is starting a police 9C1 Caprice collection!

1988 Caprice Police package. I bought this at the Town auction and it has been Chris' daily driver for over 4 years. The frame is getting rusty and it needs tires and exhaust so it is time to retire it. It has a great running 350-4bbl and auto trans so I may keep it around in case I every find that old Chevy that needs a drive train.

1992 Caprice Police package, 5.7 V-8 with fuel injection. An ex-County Sheriff car. Lots of interesting options like a sticker on the dash that reads "Don't use overdrive when in Pursuit mode". It runs good and has good tires so the 1988 plates will go onto this car for a while.

1994 LT1 Caprice 9C1. Looks like a bad engine and transmission but we have to check it out further. What a nice looking body!

1995 LT1 Caprice 9C1. Runs and drives so Chris will put plates on it for a while and check out the condition.

Here is the '95 cleaned up with new Firestone tires. It runs great so Dad is driving it to work.

1984 Audi Quattro sedan. One of the first 4 wheel drive Audis in this country. Not in the best of shape but runs good so Chris has been doing some body work and paint this summer.
Another Audi photo will go here to show the paint scheme Chris has choosen!


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