1929 DURANT D60

Here are some photos of my first car. I purchased this "doodlebug" when I was fourteen years old for $5. The water pump had been frozen and broke but my Uncle was an excellant welder and was able to put the two pieces back together again. We had lots of fun driving it around the back yard for the next four or five years. When I went off to college I sold the Durant to the local junk man for $35. I sure wish I had it today.

This is how the Durant looked in the spring of 1965.

Great photos of the good running 4 cylinder flat head motor.

All I have left from my old Durant is one hub cap and this Identification plate. Note that this was definitely a model D60 but it seems that most of these models were built with six cylinder motors and mine was definitely a four?

Here is a great photo of a nicely restored 1929 Durant for comparison. Notice that the headlight bar is almost horizontal on these models. My headlight bar curved up which put the headlights much higher than any other Durant I have seen? Could someone have replaced the lightbar with something from another make of car many years before I bought this one?

December 1966 and we are still driving it. It sure was fun!

Dad's 1964 Ermine White Impala when he bought it in the spring of 1966. It had been a Florida car so it was one of the few here in New York with factory air conditioning. It was a beautiful car with 327-250hp engine and Powerglide transmission.

Here is an advertisement for the 1929 model 6-60.

This ad shows the more expensive 6-66 model that came with wire wheels.


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