Some of the vehicles we have accumulated!
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This is a 1953 Jeep CJ3B that Jeff has been running in the woods for two summers. The body is poor but the motor runs good. It works great for plowing the driveway in the winter.


This is a 1923 Fordson tractor on steel wheels. This tractor is in poor shape. The motor is rusted fast and the steel wheels are rusted right off on the bottom where they sat touching the ground for many years. It is probably only a parts tractor but it didn't cost much and I think it makes a nice "lawn ornament".


This is a 2-door '47 Pontiac but the color is the same as Jeff's originally was.

This 1947 Pontiac 4-dr sedan was purchased new by my son's great grandfather. It has been in the family ever since and was last licensed in 1972. At that time the grille and chrome were removed and the car was primed in preparation for a new paint job. The paint and body work were never completed and the car sat in a field for many years until my son decided it would look better in our yard. The straight 8 engine is rusted fast but all the parts are still there. Right now the interior is a terrible mess from the mice but the body is still solid and, someday, with the right amount of money, it may look good again.

Some more of the cars I dragged home recently!

1994 Chevy K1500 extended cab, 8' bed. Chris is driving it now.

This truck doesn't look as nice in person as in the photo. It doesn't have any rust but it is dented on every panel. Too bad as this must have been a beautiful truck. 5.7 V-8 and all the options. The price was right and it seems to run good so it should make good transportation this winter.

John Deere 1955 Model 40/420 2 cyl crawler. This I have had for over 25 years. Pretty worn out but once a year when I use it I am sure glad I have it.


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