Here are some photos of a very old crank-type gas pump! This is a G&B model T-65 "curb" pump made between 1920 and 1924. Itís a 5-gallon, hand-operated, piston-stroke pump with graduations at half a pint, a pint, a quart and a gallon and was sometimes mounted right at the curb. These pumps were mass-produced by the thousands by the Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co. of Springfield, Mass. This was a called a "blind pump" as you could not see the fuel being pumped. Subsequent models were considered "visible models" because the attendant had to pump the gas up into a glass cylinder so the customer could see what he was purchasing. By about 1935 the T-65 models were considered obsolete, replaced and sold to the public. They were commonly used on farms between 1935 and 1955 and then retired for good.

This pump belonged to my wife's grandparents who did, indeed, use it on their New York farm to fuel their tractors and equipment. They bought the farm in about 1920 and operated it as a dairy farm, delivering fresh milk locally right into the 1950s. This pump was still behind the barn in the 1970s where it was slowly deteriorating into an eyesore. When it came time to get rid of the old pump I volunteered to remove it and stored it in my barn hoping to one day restore it.

As you can see from the photos the old pump was in pretty bad shape from sitting outside for over 50 years. I stopped the rust and put a coat of paint on it to protect it but it needs a complete restoration. At least all the parts seem to be there except for the glass dome and that is available from restoration shops.


Here is a great example of a restored T-65.

This is a G&B advertisement from 1924.

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