JEFF'S '54

Jeff's '54 Chevy

My friend Karl called this week and said he heard of another '54 chevy 2-door for sale. Jeff already has one but it is just a parts car. The motor is stuck and the floors are gone but it has all the trim and good doors.
We checked out the other '54 this afternoon (3/29/03) and Jeff bought it for $250 and then we went to see Karl about trailering it home and he said he would go get it right away so it is now home in the yard. The last owner was driving this car year round in 1992 and then parked it because of the fender damage. The left front fender is with the car but dented and he spent $700 buying parts from a wrecking yard in New Mexico. He has both rear quarter panels complete with inner fender and chrome just as they were cut off the car plus a new left front fender and a left front door. It looks like the car has been converted to 12 volts which is really cool. The motor turns over so I think we will get it running. As you can see Jeff is grinning from ear to ear.

It looks good from this side
Oops this side needs work!
It's turning over good and looks like it may start!
This is the parts car that started Jeff's love for old Chevys!

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