We spent Friday night, Feb. 26th, at camp (34 degrees inside when we arrived, up to 58 by bedtime). What a different place in the winter! The lake was low as expected but there was enough snow that you couldn't tell where the beach ended and the lake began. Still, less snow on the ground than usual. It seems even the North country was a little warmer and often had rain instead of a heavy snowfall this year. All the snow this winter was from NYC south to DC. Very strange year. Lots of snowmobile tracks around the lake. Probably fisherman going out to their ice shanties. There were two shanties barely visible about half way across but the snow never let up enough for a decent picture. Don's home is coming along nicely. Looks about ready for sheetrock and interior finishing. Then they can get the heat on. Looks like the heavy, wet, snow brought down several more birch trees and quite a few large pine branches over this winter.


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