Jeff had a beautiful day for his Graduation party and picnic. Except for the torential downpour - the lightning took down the power for over an hour - and the road was closed because of downed wires and trees. This party was unforgetable!

Jeff is mellowed out waiting for the company to arrive.

Look, 40 people are here and the party is going strong!

Then the rain came! Ten of us were trapped in the barn for an hour because the storm was right on top of us and we didn't dare run for the house. We had 4 inches of rain in a trash can within an hour. There has never even been a puddle where you see the pond in the picture.
The remains of the tarp after the wind and rain had it's way. There are two huge pine trees just 100 feet behind the house that were struck by lightning and split all the way to the ground.

My good friend, John, making a dash for it. You wouldn't know it, but, the rain had really lightened up by this time!
Carol, Midge, Linda, Pete,and Anne

Mr. and Mrs. M, Mom, John and Betsy.

Carol, Jeff and Jim

Lots of people watched Jeff cut his cake.

Yes, our little house was quite full! This is the front porch. Everything outside was soaked, although, the kids still ran around in the rain. They didn't seem to care.

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