Transcibed during the summer of 1999

ACKERT Elizabeth Catherine, 5/30/1853, 17y,8m,5d, daughter of Jacob & Mariah ACKERT (not found in 1930)

ACKERT Isaac, 11/11/1819, 29y,6mo,18d, (also foot - I.A.), died November the 11 day 1819

ACKERT Jacob, 6/4/1827, 68y,3m,4d, Who departed this life June the 4th, 1827

ACKERT Jacob, 8/18/1853, 43y,10mo,3d,

B, fieldstone, (also foot "B")

B, AIB, fieldstone, (also foot "AIB")

B, DB, 1832, 18y, fieldstone, (also foot "DB")

BESIMER - CONNOR Ellen J., 7/11/1870, 30y,7mo,18d , Wife of Lorenzo Conner

B, HB, triangle inscription looks like "M over HB"

C, A (.A.C.), 7/16/1808, 3y,3mo,4d, MEOF A. C. (meof=in memory of)

C, GC, fieldstone,- GC

C/NR, 5/22/1790, C above NR

CHAMBERS Jacob, 6/23/1847, 71st yr.

CHAMBERS John, 12/28/1853, 70y,9mo,24d, (also foot-J.C.)

CHAMBERS Leah*, 2/14/1856, 72 years, Leah wife of John Chambers. (also foot - L.C.) Death-welcome to the believer we would not live always, no welcome the tomb, since Jesus hath lain there, we dread not its gloom. There sweet be our rest till he bid us arise to hail him in triumph descending the skies.

CHAMBERS Mary, 12/20/1838, 20y,11mo,20d, daughter of Jacob & Maria Chambers

CONNER Daniel, 8/2/1875, 76y,11m,14d

CONNER Ezra, 8/18/1859, 3y,3mo,1d, Son of Henry Conner Jr & Jemima Conner, (also foot E.C.) "Tis Jesus speaks I fold says he, these little lambs within my breast. Protection they shall ---- in me. In me be ever blest. ~~~~ farewell dear little friend, soon I trust we shall meet again. Where we shall part no more, and if we meet no long, we can tell how great our joys will be

CONNER Henry, 4/13/1851, 82y,10mo,13d

CONNER Mary*, 2/28/1848, aged 75 yrs, Wife of Henry Conner (also foot- M.C.)

CONNER Ab'm Lincoln, 3/20/1869, 5y,2mo,18d, son of Peter and Cornelia Connor

CONNOR Henry, 11/25/1857, 33y,9mo,22d, ?so re, short time he gave thy sic--- lived in vain to give him and with the lord was pleased laid him unto his rest above where he did long to go.

CONNOR Jacob H., 9/4/1859, 1y,8mo,3d, son of Henry Conner Jr. and Jemima Conner, Farewell dear little friend the last ___ of my babes, the darling of my care and heaven has decreed that I with you so soon must part and in this world alone must stay your loss to mourn, I trust soon again to meet you beyond this vale of tears when sickness, sorrow, pain and death can never part us more, (decorative scrolls dividing poems) Knowledge in that clime doth grow free from weeds of toil and woe, joys which mortals may not share mourn ye not your child is there.

CONNOR John, 8/20/1826, 35y,10mo,24d, (also J.C. on back of George Street stone)

CREAL W., 11/18/1800, 5/15/1804,

ECKERT Hannah E, 7/23/1759, 12/2/1844, 85y,4mo,9d, fieldstone

ECKERT Peter S., 12/25/1840, 25y,10mo,15d

ECKERT Uriah, fieldstone

ECKERT? PE, (M/PE -in triangle -in memory of PE {Eckert?}) (not found in 1930)

Foot A.N.

Foot S.P.B.

HASBROUCK - CHAMBERS Maria, 6/14/1835, 57th year, wife of Jacob Chambers

M, I. M., 4/28/1797, aged 87

MARKLE Frederick, 7/2/1811, 51y, 0m, 7d, In Memory of Frederick Markle

MARKLE Hannah J.*, 4/29/1863, 26y,4mo,16d, wife of James Markle (also foot H.J.M.) -Farewell lov'd husband I must go and leave you in this world of woe. A few short years, then we shall meet, together at our savior's feet.

MARKLE Martha*, 2/28/1803, Wife of Frederick Markle

MARKLE?, (RM DC), 4/28/1791, RM April 28 DC 1791 (near other Markles) (not found in 1930)

MDM, 1806, illegible but looks like "MDM" (not found in 1930)

MIDDAGH Martin, 1/21/1734, 3/5/1799, (not found in 1930)

PALEN - WAGER Sally, 4/9/1852, 43y,2m,2d, Wife of David Wager (also foot S.W.)

SCHOONMAKER Nelly Elizabeth, 11/25/1869, 8y,2m,5d, d. of James and Synthia Schoonmaker - (also foot N.E.S.) Why should we mourn departed friends or shake at deaths alarm? Tis but the voice that Jesus sends to call them to his arms.

SMITE Peter C., 12/1/1868, 69y,1mo,20d (also foot P.C.S.)

SMITH Bauta*, 4/16/1841, 68y,10mo,20d, Wife of John Smith (also foot B.S.)

SMITH Charlotte J., 1/6/1859, 24y,0m,12d (also foot C.J.S.)

SMITH David Peter, 4/12/1817, 0y 6mo 19d, s of Peter C and Susan (this stone was listed in 1930 but could not be located in 1999 but we have foot a foot stone #19 marked DPS near other Smiths)

SMITH Esther M., 9/19/1861, 1y,6m,21d, daughter of John W. & Hannah R. Smith, We loved this little -?- one and would have wish'd her stay, but let our Fathers will be done she shines in endless day.

SMITH George C, 6/6/1877, 13y 4m 6d, son of J W & H R Smith (also foot - G.C.S.)

SMITH Hannah R*, 12/22/1834, 8/27/1906, his wife (John W. Smith)- I know that my redeemer liveth

SMITH infant son, 8/19/1869, 1y 0m 27d, infant son of Joseph D & Lucinda Smith (not found in 1930)

SMITH Issac R.,10/17/1867, 1y 7m 4d, s. of John W and Hannah R. Smith, We trust that Jesus loved him best and took him home with him to rest.

SMITH John, 6/4/1844, 70y,11mo,19d, aged 70 yrs (also foot J.S.)

SMITH John Henry, 3 weeks (monument), son of John D & Minnie Smith

SMITH John W, 6/12/1827, 10/9/1889, (two sided monument) (also two footstones, Father, Mother)

SMITH Joseph, 4/4/1877, 45y,11m,15d (also foot - J.S.)

SMITH Joseph, 7/19/1818, 42y 0mo 8d (this stone was listed in 1930 but could not be located in 1999. We do have a foot stone marked JS that lines up with an unreadable headstone that may be Joseph's).

SMITH Maria C*, 9/27/1897, 56y, 2m, 0d, wife of James Smith (on monument) (also foot M C S)

SMITH Mary C., 2/13/1874, 18y,10m,19d (also foot M.C.S.)

SMITH Minnie Dale, 3/23/1871, 2y,7mo,5d, daughter of James H. & Maria C. Smith, Here lies ---beloved---she ----- god ----- from our bosom to his own help us to say thy will be done.

SMITH Nellie*, 1/16/1847, aged 33 yrs, wife of Henry C. Smith - erected by her son G. H. Smith (also foot N.S.)

SMITH Nettie B., 1/28/1890, 10y 10m 18d, d. of James H and Maria C Smith (also foot N B S)

SMITH Peter, 3/22/1867, 1y 1mo 5d, s. of Joseph and Lucinda Smith (this stone was listed in 1930 but could not be located in 1999)

SMITH Peter C., 12/19/1860,3y, 4mo,24d, son of John W & Hannah R. Smith

SMITH Petrus, 7/19/1731, 8/25/1798, 67y,1mo,6d

SMITH Samuel R., 4/20/1857?, 28y,5mo,12d

SMITH Sarah Leyser, 1/12/1863, 1y 4m 29d, d. of John W and Hannah R. Smith, Sleep my dear child and take your rest, God called you home, he thought it best, twas hard indeed, to part with thee, but Christ's strong arm supported me.

SMITH - CHRISTIANA Ann, 1/12/1844, 47y,2mo,26d, wife of Moses Christiana

SMITH - WOOD Martha, 9/25/1793, 5/3/1867, wife of James Wood

SMITH - WOOD Sarah A, 8/31/1869, 36y 4m 7d, wife of Jacob Wood (also foot - S.A.S.)

STREET Estira, 8/25/1862, 3y,4mo,5d, daughter of Peter H. and Ann E. Street- Of such is the kingdom of heaven

STREET George C., 8/26/1859, 2y,5mo,26d, son of Peter R. and Ann E. Street, also foot (G.C.S.)

VANETTEN - CONNER Catherine, 9/3/1866, aged 67y, wife of Daniel Conner

WAGER MATTU, 7/31/1834, 2/25/1835, then was born Mattu Wagar endy et

WAGAR - SMITE Susan C., 3/15/1883, 77y,6mo,15d, wife of Peter C. Smith (also foot S.C.W)

WAGER Charles A. Miller, 11/15//1839, 27y,5mo,18d, In memory of Charles A. Miller Wagar (also foot - C.A.M.W)

WAGER John, 6/9/1837, 73 yrs, (also foot - J.W.)

WAGER John Jr., 10/17/1811, 19y,2mo,16d, (also foot - J.W.)

WAGER Margaret, 2/28/1853, 86y, 0m, 26d, (also foot - M.W.) wife of Johannis Wager

WAGER - SMITH Maria, 3/14/1861, 69y,11mo,21d, wife of Isaac Smith

WAGER? A.W., 9/23/1845, 5y,7m,14d, fieldstone with other Wagers but only marked "AW" and a fancy "&"

WAGER? J.W,, 5/12/1846, 1y,6m,21d, fieldstone with other Wagers but only marked "IW or JW"

WAGER? P.W., 5/23/1827, "1827 May 23 PW his baby dy" (capital I has line across top, bot. & mid)

WISPEL - MARKLE Anne, 1/23/1863, 70y, in mem of Anne Wispel wife of W. P?( F) .Markle (S is backwards)

WOOD James, 1/7/1852, 59y,7mo,14d, Affliction is a stormy deep, There waves resounds to wake, Though oe'r my head the billows roll, I know the lord can save.

WOOD John S., 10/1/1839, 26y,1m,26d

WOOD Sarah Louise, 5/1/1838, 3y,1m,13d, daughter of James & Martha Wood

WOOD Thomas, 7/20/1856, 31y,0m,6d (also foot T.W.)



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