Here are some photos of some vintage radios and other electronic items that we have collected.

This is a "1941 Golden Anniversary Edition" RCA Victrola model #VHR-407.

This RCA has a radio, phonograph and even a special stylus for recording your own voice to a blank record. Very interesting!

The original owner worked for RCA and purchased this unit direct from the factory in Connecticut. His niece even saved the original parts and instruction book. The original retail price of this radio in 1940 was $180 - $230!

This is a 1950 DUMONT television set model RA-112. It has a 19 CRT with an FM radio and even a jack for Phono input. Note the original 1951 advertisement on the right.

Another unique piece of vintage electronics!

You probably saw more of this Test Pattern on your 1950 TV set than you did programs. Back in the early 60s I remember the test pattern being on late at night when the stations stopped broadcasting and went off the air.


This is an original 1980 Atari coin operated video game. It's a real classic! The kids love it.

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